Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders…Are You Ready?

What would it feel like if you were able to…
  • gain clarity on what’s next for you
  • focus on what matters most to you
  • be clear on your authentic essence
  • create a congruent and compelling path forward
  • make empowering shifts and conscious choices
  • redefine success in your own terms
  • transform stress and overload and nurture your well-being
  • navigate change and transition effectively
  • gain traction on mission-critical business projects

Would you flourish and feel soul-satisfied? And what would be possible if you had a trusted ally by your side whose purpose was to empower, inspire and support you to make it all happen?

Are you ready to flourish and feel soul-satisfied in work, career and life?

Meet Your New Ally…Susan Siegmund

Susan MacCaul Siegmund, M.A.space

Susan MacCaul Siegmund, M.A.
Passionate Change Agent, Strategic Coach & Creative Think Partner

Susan brings to her work a powerful combination of expertise, gifts, strengths and experience. She integrates this with her passion for inspiring, empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders so they can flourish and feel soul-satisfied in their work, career and life.

Her extensive resume demonstrates her capacity for both leadership and entrepreneuring. She adds to the breadth and depth of her career journey, a Master’s degree in Human Development and more than 15 years of purpose-aligned work as a Professional Certified Coach and Consultant. […]

Susan is passionate about serving as a trusted ally for women entrepreneurs and leaders like you who want to wholeheartedly flourish and feel soul-satisfied in their work, career and life.

As your dedicated Strategic Coach and Creative Think Partner, Susan will…

Inspire you to:
  • get clear on your passions and what matters most to you
  • know your authentic essence
  • claim your creative genius
  • figure out what’s next for you and what changes you want to make
  • create a compelling vision and action plan for your next chapter
  • redefine success in your own terms

Empower you to:

  • make enriching shifts and conscious choices
  • leverage your gifts, expertise, strengths and experience
  • focus on what matters most to you
  • take action that moves you forward
  • transform stress and overload and nurture your well-being
  • celebrate your growth and contributions

Support your efforts to:

  • gain traction on key business projects and initiatives
  • prioritize what’s on your plate
  • brainstorm on new ideas and creative possibilities
  • find effective solutions to problems and challenges
  • think through new strategies and potential approaches
  • design congruent, energizing and effective plans

Let’s work together and get you to where you want to be in your work, career and life so that you can flourish and feel soul-satisfied!

What We’ll Focus On Together

Susan will integrate business, professional and personal development into a fully customized solution that is designed to meet your unique needs, foster your growth and move you forward in your work, career and life. Susan artfully blends the best practices of executive, entrepreneur and leadership coaching with a business consulting approach. With Susan, you get the best of all these worlds in a single, go-to resource.

Let’s get you to feeling soul-satisfied and flourishing in your work, career and life!

Whether you are a woman entrepreneur or a woman leader in a corporate or nonprofit setting, Susan is here to assist you with your business development needs.

We’ll devote session time to being in Executive Think Mode, so that you have dedicated time to focus focusing on what matters most in your work, to your business or organization and to your stakeholders. Together, we’ll think through strategies, approaches and solutions for some of the most pressing projects, problems, challenges and opportunities on your plate. And we’ll take a closer look at what’s working and what’s not and what you’ll need to do to make changes. The emphasis will be on helping you to gain clarity and create a compelling and mobilizing plan for moving forward. You’ll be able to leverage Susan’s business acumen and expertise, as together you explore the core business development areas that are relevant for you and your work, including:

  • Ideation & Brainstorming
  • Strategic Visioning & Planning
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Messaging & Communications
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
Together, you and Susan will also focus on your professional development. In harmony with your agenda, we’ll explore your career looking at where the journey has taken you to date and where and how you’d like to steer your career going forward.

We’ll look at what is working and what needs attention. We’ll identify your unique strengths and expertise and how you want to leverage them going forward. And, we’ll pinpoint the capacities that you want to develop or enhance as you prepare for your next chapter. We will explore your strategies for staying connected with your network and for managing your professional reputation. We’ll make sure you have a compelling personal brand that is authentic and aligned with your vision for the future. And, if it feels like it is time for you to make a career move or reinvent yourself professionally, we’ll identify a rewarding and congruent path forward and create a map and plan for getting you to where you want to be.

As warranted, we may dive deep into some of these professional development focus areas:

  • Personal Branding
  • Career Stewardship
  • Learning & Development
  • Interpersonal Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Leveraging Technology
One of the keys to thriving is ensuring that you are not myopically focused solely on your work role. That’s why Susan’s approach is holistic and why she believes it is extremely beneficial for clients to explore the touchpoints of personal development. These touchpoints are essential for women entrepreneurs and leaders to explore so that they can identify and create new, unique and wholehearted ways to flourish and feel soul-satisfied in their work, career and life. Added bonus: the process infuses balance across your roles.

Susan will help you to distill your authentic essence and get clear on what really matters to you. You’ll be empowered to claim your creative genius and to get clear on your gifts and passions. You’ll be encouraged to redefine success in your own terms. And you’ll be inspired to make empowering shifts and conscious choices in your work, your career and your life. We’ll design personal strategies and practices for revitalizing your spirit so that you can transform your stress and overload and sustain your personal energy over time. All of this will get you moving forward from a grounded and centered place of strength.

We will also integrate into our work together many of these essential, personal development focuses:

  • Distill Your Essence
  • Claiming Your Creative Genius
  • Know What Really Matters
  • Redefine Success
  • Make Empowering Shifts
  • Revitalize Your Spirit

What Types of Clients Work With Susan

As an entrepreneur or leader, you’ve accomplished a lot throughout the course of your unique career journey. And yet, many of you are sitting in the question of: “How can I approach my work, career and life so I can feel more soul-satisfied and wholeheartedly flourish?”

Over the past decade, Susan has identified 4 primary archetypes of women entrepreneurs and leaders who are sitting in that same question. These are the types of women entrepreneurs and leaders Susan is most passionate about inspiring, empowering and supporting through her work as a Strategic Coach and Think Partner.

You’ve been in business for yourself for a while but things aren’t feeling as rewarding as you’d like. You are either overwhelmed by too much energy draining work or there simply isn’t enough work to be sustainable. It’s time to realign what you do with your strengths, gifts and passions and to create a new, energizing vision and authentic, congruent plan to get you to where you want to be. […]

You’ve got lots of ideas for a business but aren’t quite sure where to start. You want to create a compelling future vision that narrows your field of focus so that you can quickly gain traction and make it happen. It’s time to redefine success in your own terms, develop your entrepreneurial competencies, and authentically launch, market and grow your business doing what you love. […]
You’ve climbed the ladder of success and have accomplished a lot along the way. Yet, something is calling you to make some changes and revitalize your depleted energy and spirit. It’s time to create a game plan for making an energizing, empowering and authentic change within your organization, to a new organization, to a different industry/sector or perhaps it’s time to hang out your own shingle. […]
You’ve either recently transitioned to or want to get ready to transition into a new leadership role. You want to set yourself and your team up for rewarding and meaningful success but you don’t want to burn yourself out in the process. It’s time to develop your leadership competencies and figure out a proactive plan for authentically inspiring and leading your organization forward. […]

How You’ll Benefit

How You'll Benefit

Clients report experiencing many benefits* as a result of working with Susan, including:

  • Gaining clarity
  • Getting more focused
  • Thinking through strategies
  • Embracing their authentic essence
  • Redefining success
  • Knowing what matters most
  • Leveraging their strengths
  • Making empowering shifts
  • Feeling more soul-satisfied
  • Feeling more capacity to flourish
  • Feeling revitalized

* Source: 2013 Siegmund Client Satisfaction Survey

What Clients Say

For any entrepreneur who wants to consciously take their business to the next level by finding their true voice, aligning every aspect of their marketing with who they are, and letting go of all that doesn’t serve their purpose, Susan is the top entrepreneur coach around. She has an amazing ability to listen deeply to what you truly want. Her compassionate and calming style and excellent follow up supported me during times when I was tempted to return to my comfort zone. She provided personal attention and encouragement that made a difference in the results that I was able to produce. It was the best investment I’ve made in my business and myself!
Nancy McCaughey, Nancy McCaughey Coaching, LLC
Susan has helped me clarify my values and align it with my vision for my future. She is incredibly organized, bright, tenacious and creative. I cannot say enough about her talents and I highly recommend her to anyone that is thinking about making a change in their life. She helps clarify and articulate your goals with laser focus. As a result of working with Susan I have gone back to graduate school and have created my dream vision for my future. It is an extreme pleasure to work with Susan. I am thrilled with her as a coach and a person. Sign on with her immediately and she will thoughtfully and skillfully lead you through the change you want to be in the world.
Catherine, Seattle, WA
Susan is an outstanding “think partner”. I hired her when I was about to leave my executive job and expected help in managing my transition to entrepreneur. I certainly received magnificent help in this arena. What I didn’t expect was her use of rituals to help me enhance “being” after years of focus on “doing”. Susan helped me to define what I want my day-to-day life to be like, well beyond my business. She kept leading me back to my stated intention, i.e. to engage with initiatives that feed my soul rather than just bring in cash, fill time or volunteer. I now have the gift of time, focus and peace – which were lacking in my previously frenetic life. Thank you!
Kellie Garrett, Speaker ~ Coach ~ Strategist, Canada
Every CEO needs a coach. Every one of us. And Susan has been excellent at helping me with the distillation of my greatest assets, providing branding strategies and marketing references, and creating a space for me to calm down, regroup, and regain hope. The greatest value is the time with Susan to jump up on the balcony, breathe deep, and have a sounding board that’s just for me. Susan brings her own signature presence to the coaching experience, which is different than my approach so it brings a good diversity, which I need. For example, using drawings to project the future, starting sessions with ‘grounding.’
Ann Dorgan, GumballEnterprises, Inc.
I’ve gained so much insight by working with Susan! She not only listens impeccably well (one of the hallmarks of a great coach), she takes what was said and converts that into a beautiful visual graphic using cards, post-its, vision boards, or photographs that capture our conversations. Susan is also incredibly articulate and sends amazing, articulate, and thoughtful emails chock-full of resources, quotes, book recommendations, or names of additional practitioners after our sessions. This above-and-beyond approach has led me to really open up, truly consider what all is possible in my professional and personal world, and helps me re-imagine all that I’m capable of. THANK YOU!
Kristie McLean, Global Storyteller & Essence Photographer
Perhaps where Susan has helped me the most is in the act of remembering. As Susan knows, I am really busy and have many roles to manage. As I get into my 40s I am finding that it is all too easy for me to book a project and move on to the next item, and in the process forget some of the really important points of connection or insights that tie all of the work I do – that we do – together. In this way, Susan is my mirror, my memory, and my encouraging mentor. I am better with Susan by my side.
Kerry Kozlowski, Bellevue, WA
Working with Susan as my solopreneur coach has been extremely valuable and impactful for me, both personally and in my work and ministry. I chose to work with Susan in a 2-day Coaching Intensive followed by a 2-hour coaching session twice a month for 3 months. My results have been outstanding! I have launched a new business that has a target market of hundreds of small businesses that are in need of my services. I absolutely love this work, which offers me the opportunity to work with people I enjoy and respect. And my work offers the further opportunity for my continuous learning and growth. Do not miss the opportunity to work with Susan as your coach!
Gayle A. Dee, MA, M.Div., Owner, Gather Community Productions
As a woman-owned social enterprise, we needed an executive think partner who could flow with our unique way of working together and provide strategic marketing expertise to move our business to the next level. Susan’s grounded expertise, technological savvy, flexibly structured processes, and appreciation for the beauty way helped us to construct future scenarios with concrete and actionable steps to get there. Her unique perspective and capacity to synthesize and feed back our work were invaluable. We are deeply grateful to Susan and her commitment to helping us create our future.
Partners, Kore Evolution
I have worked with Susan periodically over the course of the past few years including the time period when I was working abroad. Susan has helped me to reflect on my own skills, identify what I find fulfilling, and recognize career opportunities that will work for me. Susan has been great about helping me put all the pieces together. I leave conversations with Susan feeling empowered and better enabled to move my career forward. Susan also helps me to think about my whole self and not just my work self, which has been important to my career planning. A big thank you to Susan!
Kellie L., New York, NY
Susan has an impressive breadth and depth of business, technology and coaching experience. Her passion for coaching women entrepreneurs and executives is evident in her warm, authentic and creative approach. She is highly skilled in helping clients gain clarity, vision and direction, and in doing so provides support, expands possibilities and strengthens inspiration. With her tech savvy comes innovative approaches that stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and breakthroughs. A very talented and gracious coach!
Colleen Yamaguchi, Colleen Yamaguchi Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Susan is an inspiration in that she is an example of purpose and authenticity in her daily life. She has coached me through the roller coaster of my career, always with a keen sense of where I am and need to be guided personally. She offers so much more than experience and skill – she does, in fact, bring the gifts of intuition and humanity to her work, and I’m sure to all those she touches. It’s an honor to know and to work with such an exceptional person.
Barbara Rice, President, B. Rice Consulting

What could be possible if Susan was your trusted ally? Contact Susan today to learn how she can help you wholeheartedly flourish and feel soul-satisfied in your work, career and life!