Realigning Entrepreneurs

Are you a Realigning Entrepreneur?

You’ve been an entrepreneur for a while now but lately it has begun to feel like your business isn’t where you would like it to be. Perhaps you are finding yourself spending too much time doing work that is not in alignment with your passions and strengths. Or perhaps you are at a point on your entrepreneurial journey where you are having difficulty attracting enough compensated and congruent work.

Are you ready to look under the hood of your business and figure out what is working for you and what is not? Do you want to find new and authentic ways for your business to flourish?

What would be possible, if you were to stop saying “yes” to work that isn’t congruent and that is draining your energy? What if instead you began to say “yes” to congruent work that truly energizes you?

Are you ready to realign your focus and your business so that you can experience a fully soul-satisfying ROI from your flourishing business?

Does This Sound Like You?

Realigning space
“I’ve been growing my business over the past several years and I’ve got to say that this just isn’t what I thought it would be. I am rushing around far more than I ever did in my corporate life.

I am grateful for the work I have but it just leaves me kind of flat. And there are a few clients who truly drain my energy.

I am feeling exhausted and on the verge of burning out. I’ve got to do something to reignite my passion for my business.”

Realigning space
“I feel like I keep rethinking my business. I’ve tried adjusting a lot of things but still it’s just not delivering the kind of ROI I want or need. I am barely making enough money to get by.

I started this business because I wanted to make a difference but where are the clients and where is the money?

Maybe, I just need to give this whole thing up and go get a real job! Although, if I did that I know I’d be miserable.”

Realigning space
“My business partner and I have been growing our company for a number of years now and we’ve done pretty well. But lately it is starting to feel like there is something bigger that is calling us in a new direction.

We’ve got some ideas but aren’t sure where to start. It feels a bit daunting.

How do we figure it out and make it happen without losing loyal customers and draining our energy in the process?”

When You Are Ready To Realign

Most entrepreneurs know in their gut when it is time to realign their business but get overwhelmed by the thought of starting over. Are you experiencing some of those same feelings regarding your business?

You don’t have to go it alone. Consider engaging Susan as your Strategic Coach and Creative Think Partner so that you’ll have a trusted advisor and sounding board to support you.

Together, we’ll figure out what it will take for you to get to experiencing a soul-satisfying ROI in your business. We’ll get clear on what needs to be realigned so your business can flourish and you can sustain the momentum. And, we’ll find a way to make it happen without sacrificing yourself, your values, your energy, and your other roles, responsibilities and priorities.

Benefits for Realigning Entrepreneurs

When you engage Susan as your Strategic Coach and Creative Think Partner, you’ll experience many benefits including:

  • gaining clarity on your mission and motivating “why”
  • defining a compelling and energizing new business vision
  • identifying priorities so you can focus your efforts
  • creating a strategic and empowering version 2.0 plan
  • identifying new ways to grow and sustain your business
  • revitalizing your personal energy and passion for your work
  • enhancing your capacity for conscious entrepreneuring
  • getting a jumpstart on key projects and tasks at hand
  • having time to talk and think things through with an ally

What We’ll Focus On Together

Let’s get your company back on track by authentically realigning it with your passions so that you can flourish and feel soul-satisfied again! Susan will utilize a holistic and integrated approach in her Strategic Coaching and Creative Think Partnering work with you. At the heart of our work, will be your intention to realign your business so that it can deliver a more meaningful ROI. At the same time, Susan will help you with your professional development so that you can enhance your entrepreneurial skill set. She will also work closely with you on your personal development so that you are able to focus on what really matters to you, create practices to renew and sustain your energy and make empowering shifts that support your desire to flourish and feel soul-satisfied in your work, career and life. Here’s what we can focus on together:

Strategy space

Your Work…
Business Development

Let’s start by taking a look at your current business and identifying what is working and what is not. We’ll realign your business offering and approach to be congruent with who you are and what you want to be doing. We’ll figure out what needs to shift so that you can feel more soul-satisfied with your venture. And we’ll identify the conscious changes you want to make so you and your business can flourish again.

What business ideas and opportunities do you want to tease out and explore? Which ideas would be more energizing and feel more in alignment with your passions, gifts and strengths?

Let’s brainstorm congruent business ideas and approaches and then distill those down to the core essence of what you truly want to focus your energy on.

What does the next generation of your business vision look like? What strategies will help get you and your business to where you want it to be and producing the results you need?

Let’s work through a creative visioning process, design a revised vision and craft a plan that will inspire you to rebuild, grow and sustain your business.

What branding and marketing are you doing today? How would these strategies need to shift to support your realigned business vision? What would authentic marketing and sales look like for you?

Let’s spend some time thinking through your branding and marketing and let’s design authentic strategies that are fully congruent with your revised vision.

What effective communication and messaging strategies can you utilize to engage your stakeholders/audience? What is the essential ‘why,’ ‘how’ and ‘what’ for each of your key messages?

Let’s make sure your communication approach and messaging strategies are congruent with your authentic essence and your realigned business vision.

What processes, structures and resources do you need to integrate so that you can effectively grow your business over time? What structure and processes would empower you and prevent your burnout?

Let’s determine your best-fit resources plan. And figure out what you need to put in place in order to foster and sustain your company’s growth and success.

How are you going to manage the changes you’ll need to make in order to realign your business? And how will you sustain your business in a climate of constant change?

Let’s figure out how you want to navigate change and transition in your business and the change management practices you want to implement.

Career space

Your Career…
Professional Development

Since you are your business, we will take a closer look at the professional who is in charge. We’ll enhance your conscious entrepreneuring skills, capacities and competencies so you can effectively lead your company forward through this transition period and beyond. We’ll design strategies for getting the word out to allies and connectors in your professional network so you can ensure you have their continued support.

What are you doing to make sure that your personal brand is authentic? How will you adapt and integrate your personal brand into your efforts to market your realigned business?

Let’s review your personal brand and your online presence to ensure that there is congruency with your revised business branding and positioning.

How have you been staying connected with your professional network? What do you want to do going forward to inform, engage and leverage your allies, champions and advocates?

Let’s look at how you’ve been stewarding your career to date and identify strategies for enhancing and leveraging your network of supporters.

What competencies will move you forward on your realigned path and empower you to grow your business? Where are your learning edges and how can you expand beyond them?

Let’s enhance your competencies and skillset so you can in turn make a difference in the lives of your clients, customers, colleagues and community.

What strategies could enhance your interpersonal communication with your professional network of advisors, allies, partners, clients/customers, investors, suppliers and others?

Let’s figure out a game plan for enhancing your professional communications with your support network and key stakeholders.

How do you manage your time now? Do you feel organized? What could you do differently so that you are freed up to more effectively focus on your most important priorities?

Let’s figure out an energizing and authentic action plan for getting you organized so you can manage your time and energy more efficiently.

What does your comfort level with technology say about you? Are you on the cutting edge or behind the times? How can you leverage technology to empower you and your business?

Let’s get you techmobilized so you can more effectively leverage technology to get organized, enhance creativity and reduce overload and overwhelm.

Realigning space

Your Life…
Personal Development

In order to revitalize your company, we’ve got to make sure your business vision is aligned with who you are at your core and with your passions. We’ll look to ensure that your business focus is congruent with your other life roles, priorities and responsibilities. We’ll make sure that the work you are doing going forward will energize and delight you, so that your business can be sustainable, flourish and feel soul satisfying.

Who are you at your very core? What is your authentic essence? What would it take for you to show up authentically in your business? How do you want to feel in your business and life?

Let’s spend some time distilling your essence so you have clarity on what makes your soul sing and how you can leverage your essence in all you do.

What is your creative genius? What are your unique gifts, talents, passions and strengths? How do you ignite your creativity? When empowers you to let your authentic light shine brightly?

Let’s identify your creative genius and find ways you can leverage and share your unique gifts, talents and strengths so you can consistently shine brightly.

What matters most to you and how are you integrating that awareness into your business and life? What are your overarching priorities? How does that knowledge inform what you do?

Let’s take some time to figure out what really matters to you and then set priorities that are in harmony across your business/work, career and life.

How do you want to define and measure success in your realigned business and in your life? What would be possible if you were to redefine success and how assess it?

Let’s empower you to redefine success in your own terms and create meaningful and values-aligned ways to measure and celebrate it.

What needs to shift for you to feel more empowered? What do you want to let go of that is no longer serving you? What can you take on that will energize you to realign your business?

Let’s figure the shifts you want to make that will support your journey to flourishing and feeling soul-satisfied again in your work, career and life.

What stresses you out and gets you feeling overwhelmed and overloaded? Do you know what gives you energy and drains it? What are you doing to manage your stress? Is it working?

Let’s get creative about what you want to do to revitalize and sustain your spirit and to create energy-giving and renewing practices for yourself.

Optional Services for Realigning Entrepreneurs

Consider having Susan create for you one of her signature “Synthesis Documents” that will distill the essence of your vision, strategies, approaches and/or plans. You can also turn to Susan for help in jumpstarting your key projects by having her create for you a custom framework, matrix and/or template. Many clients often ask Susan to review and offer feedback on key business deliverables including their:

  • messaging, positioning and value proposition
  • competitive landscape and swot analysis
  • business, marketing, launch and communication plans
  • creative briefs, branding and identity elements
  • website and blog plan, design and copy
  • social media marketing plan and editorial calendar
  • thought leadership and PR plans and materials
  • business proposals, presentations and pitches
  • sales plans and materials

What Entrepreneurs Say About Susan

For any entrepreneur who wants to consciously take their business to the next level by finding their true voice, aligning every aspect of their marketing with who they are, and letting go of all that doesn’t serve their purpose, Susan is the top entrepreneur coach around. She has an amazing ability to listen deeply to what you truly want. Her compassionate and calming style and excellent follow up supported me during times when I was tempted to return to my comfort zone. She provided personal attention and encouragement that made a difference in the results that I was able to produce. It was the best investment I’ve made in my business and myself!
Nancy McCaughey, Nancy McCaughey Coaching, LLC
Every CEO needs a coach. Every one of us. And Susan has been excellent at helping me with the distillation of my greatest assets, providing branding strategies and marketing references, and creating a space for me to calm down, regroup, and regain hope. The greatest value is the time with Susan to jump up on the balcony, breathe deep, and have a sounding board that’s just for me. Susan brings her own signature presence to the coaching experience, which is different than my approach so it brings a good diversity, which I need. For example, using drawings to project the future, starting sessions with ‘grounding.’
Ann Dorgan, GumballEnterprises, Inc.
Working with Susan as my solopreneur coach has been extremely valuable and impactful for me, both personally and in my work and ministry. I chose to work with Susan in a 2-day Coaching Intensive followed by a 2-hour coaching session twice a month for 3 months. My results have been outstanding! I have launched a new business that has a target market of hundreds of small businesses that are in need of my services. I absolutely love this work, which offers me the opportunity to work with people I enjoy and respect. And my work offers the further opportunity for my continuous learning and growth. Do not miss the opportunity to work with Susan as your coach!
Gayle A. Dee, MA, M.Div., Owner, Gather Community Productions
I’ve gained so much insight by working with Susan! She not only listens impeccably well (one of the hallmarks of a great coach), she takes what was said and converts that into a beautiful visual graphic using cards, post-its, vision boards, or photographs that capture our conversations. Susan is also incredibly articulate and sends amazing, articulate, and thoughtful emails chock-full of resources, quotes, book recommendations, or names of additional practitioners after our sessions. This above-and-beyond approach has led me to really open up, truly consider what all is possible in my professional and personal world, and helps me re-imagine all that I’m capable of. THANK YOU!
Kristie McLean, Global Storyteller & Essence Photographer
Susan is an outstanding “think partner”. I hired her when I was about to leave my executive job and expected help in managing my transition to entrepreneur. I certainly received magnificent help in this arena. What I didn’t expect was her use of rituals to help me enhance “being” after years of focus on “doing”. Susan helped me to define what I want my day-to-day life to be like, well beyond my business. She kept leading me back to my stated intention, i.e. to engage with initiatives that feed my soul rather than just bring in cash, fill time or volunteer. I now have the gift of time, focus and peace – which were lacking in my previously frenetic life. Thank you!
Kellie Garrett, Speaker ~ Coach ~ Strategist, Canada
As a woman-owned social enterprise, we needed an executive think partner who could flow with our unique way of working together and provide strategic marketing expertise to move our business to the next level. Susan’s grounded expertise, technological savvy, flexibly structured processes, and appreciation for the beauty way helped us to construct future scenarios with concrete and actionable steps to get there. Her unique perspective and capacity to synthesize and feed back our work were invaluable. We are deeply grateful to Susan and her commitment to helping us create our future.
Partners, Kore Evolution
Susan is an inspiration in that she is an example of purpose and authenticity in her daily life. She has coached me through the roller coaster of my career, always with a keen sense of where I am and need to be guided personally. She offers so much more than experience and skill – she does, in fact, bring the gifts of intuition and humanity to her work, and I’m sure to all those she touches. It’s an honor to know and to work with such an exceptional person.
Barbara Rice, President, B. Rice Consulting
Susan has an impressive breadth and depth of business, technology and coaching experience. Her passion for coaching women entrepreneurs and executives is evident in her warm, authentic and creative approach. She is highly skilled in helping clients gain clarity, vision and direction, and in doing so provides support, expands possibilities and strengthens inspiration. With her tech savvy comes innovative approaches that stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and breakthroughs. A very talented and gracious coach!
Colleen Yamaguchi, Colleen Yamaguchi Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Are you a Realigning Entrepreneur who is ready to wholeheartedly flourish and feel soul-satisfied in your work, career and life? Contact Susan today to learn how she can help get you there!