focus on the good

What could be possible if you were to shift your focus today and actually focus on the good that exists in your life, your work and in the world?

Focusing on the good is an empowering practice.

It can fuel us. It can inspire us. It can empower us.

And, when we focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative…shifts can happen.

We are freed up to move forward.

When we mindfully bring our attention to what is “good” we can be empowered, energized and nourished. Adopting a mindset of focusing on the good, can set the stage for our own flourishing.

Focusing on the good can take many forms:

  • You can simply acknowledge it.
  • You can reflect on it.
  • You can write it down.
  • You can say it out loud.
  • You can take a photo that distills the essence of what’s good.

Just breathe in that goodness and feel the nourishment that can come from a moment of gratitude and shifting our focus to what’s good.