Emerging Leaders

Are you an Emerging Leader?

You’ve been recognized for your contribution and are being asked to take on even greater leadership responsibility within the organization. Or perhaps you feel it is time to take your career to the next level and find or create a new leadership role that will allow you to grow in your career, expand your scope and leverage your strengths.

Are you ready? What contributions do you want to make and what do you want to accomplish? What can you do to prepare for a successful onboarding and to confidently establish yourself in this new role?

What can you do to show up authentically and wholeheartedly in your role? How do you want to engage and lead your team? What leadership skills are essential for you to strengthen or develop?

Are you ready to emerge as an authentic leader who empowers and inspires her team to succeed, flourish and feel soul-satisfied?

Does This Sound Like You?

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“I’ve been managing a small team at my company for a while and now I am being asked to step it up and take on more leadership responsibility.

I want to gain clarity on my focus, priorities, approach and contribution. I want to show up authentically and lead wholeheartedly. While I want to be successful, I don’t want to burnout.

How do I set myself up for success in this new role and make my mark?”

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“I enjoy managing people and know that I am good at it. I want to confidently position myself as a leader who is ready to take on an expanded role and make a bigger contribution.

I see an area in the company where I know I can make a difference and it totally leverages my strengths. It would be energizing to lead that group.

How do I effectively position myself as an emerging senior leader and go for it?”

Emerging Leaders space
“I am confident that the next step in my career needs to be an expanded leadership role. I just don’t see any roles for next generation leaders opening up anytime soon within our organization.

There are other organizations that intrigue me and that I know have a culture that empowers leaders.

How do I develop a personal brand that says emerging leader and that effectively positions me as an ideal candidate?”

When You Are Ready to Emerge…

It’s time for you to emerge into that next level of leadership. How do you want to show up in your new role? What kind of leader do you want to be? Are you ready for the expanded scope and responsibilities that come with the territory?

You don’t have to go it alone. Consider engaging Susan as your Strategic Coach and Creative Think Partner so that you’ll have a trusted advisor and sounding board to support you.

Together, we’ll define your unique value proposition. We’ll update your personal brand to effectively position you as an emerging leader and revise your career stewardship assets accordingly. We’ll figure out strategies for leveraging your network of champions, advocates and allies. And we’ll get you ready to soar by enhancing your leadership competencies.

Benefits for Emerging Leaders

When you engage Susan as your Strategic Coach and Creative Think Partner, you’ll experience many benefits including:

  • showing up authentically and wholeheartedly as a leader
  • leveraging your strengths and claiming your creative genius
  • gaining clarity on your leadership style, goals and priorities
  • defining a compelling and energizing vision for your team
  • creating strategic plans that support the mission and vision
  • empowering your team to take action and deliver results
  • developing your capacity for conscious leadership
  • having time to talk and think things through with an ally
  • getting a jumpstart on key projects and pressing tasks

What We’ll Focus On Together

Let’s chart an authentic path for emerging into your new role and empowering yourself and your team to flourish and feel soul-satisfied! Susan will utilize a holistic and integrated approach in her Strategic Coaching and Creative Think Partnering work with you. At the heart of our work will be your intention to establish yourself as an inspiring leader and a key contributor. At the same time, Susan will help you with your professional development so that you can enhance your leadership presence and skill set and leverage your network. She will also work closely with you on your personal development so that you are able to focus on what really matters to you, create practices to renew and sustain your energy and nurture your well-being, and make empowering shifts that support your desire to flourish and feel soul-satisfied in your work, career and life. Here’s what we can focus on together:

Strategy space

Your Work…
Business Development

Let’s get you prepared so that you’ll be able to effectively emerge into your new role, quickly gain traction and start delivering results that exceed expectations. We’ll think through potential approaches, design effective strategies and identify solutions to business challenges. We’ll look at how you can engage, empower and inspire your team and transform your work culture so you can all flourish, feel soul-satisfied and make meaningful contributions.

What solutions might be possible for the business problems you are facing? What possibilities could be explored? What ideas would you like to tease apart and distill down to their core essence?

Let’s creatively brainstorm on the key initiatives and business problems that are on your plate so that you can gain clarity and focus your energy.

What is your strategic vision for your group? What are your key strategies for building momentum and moving things forward? What is your strategic plan for the year ahead or upcoming quarter?

Let’s design visions and craft strategic plans that will inspire you and your team to take action, make things happen, achieve goals and hit targets.

What is the value proposition for your new department, initiative or program and how will you build awareness? What do you need to do to market your work to internal or external audiences?

Let’s spend some time thinking through branding and marketing and designing authentic strategies that are fully congruent with your vision.

What effective communication and messaging strategies can you utilize to engage your stakeholders? What’s the compelling ‘why’ at the heart of your mission? How will you communicate it?

Let’s make sure your communication approach and messaging strategies are congruent with your strategy and tailored to meet audience needs.

What processes are needed to increase effectiveness and enhance performance? How will you grow and sustain the team? What will you do to recruit, engage, develop, recognize and reward talent?

Let’s design a plan for enhancing organizational effectiveness, creating an empowering culture and implementing processes to build and sustain growth.

What changes are you, your team and your organization facing and how will you navigate through it? How will you deliver value and lead your team in a business climate of constant change?

Let’s figure out how you’ll navigate and adapt to change, communicate change as a leader, and effectively guide your team through times of transition.

Career space

Your Career…
Professional Development

Let’s help you identify and evaluate new career opportunities and determine how you can position yourself as an emerging leader. We’ll look at your leadership style and presence and ensure that it is authentic and leverages your strengths. We’ll assess your learning edges and gain clarity on the leadership competencies that need development. We’ll create a plan for stewarding your reputation and engaging your network.

What are you doing to make sure that you infuse your personal brand with your authentic essence? How will position and lobby for yourself within your organization and industry?

Let’s review your personal brand and your online presence to ensure that there is congruency with who you are and how you want to lead..

Who are your key allies, champions, advocates and connectors? How can you engage them in authentic conversation about your strengths and continue to leverage their support?

Let’s look at how you can harness the power of your career experiences and expertise and foster the continued support of your biggest champions.

What capacities do you need to develop and enhance to become an effective and conscious leader? What learning and unlearning might benefit you as you move forward?

Let’s enhance your leadership competencies and confidence so you can grow as a leader and empower and inspire your team.

How are your working relationships with your boss, colleagues and team? What crucial conversations do you need to have? How well equipped are you to give constructive feedback?

Let’s figure out a messaging game plan that will enhance your professional relationships and open the doors for authentic communication.

What could you do to more effectively manage your time? What steps could you take to reduce overload? How could you benefit from prioritizing responsibilities and delegating work?

Let’s create an energizing action plan for getting you organized, reducing overload, delegating and managing your time more efficiently.

What does your comfort level with technology say about you? Are you on the cutting edge or behind the times? How can you leverage technology to empower your leadership and career?

Let’s get you techmobilized so you can more effectively leverage technology to get organized, enhance creativity and reduce overload and overwhelm.

Realigning space

Your Life…
Personal Development

Let’s figure out what empowering shifts you can make so you can flourish in your new role. We’ll get you clear on your authentic essence and natural strengths. We’ll help you to confidently claim your creative genius. We’ll identify what matters most to you and empower you to redefine success in your own terms. We’ll look at practices you can adopt to manage and sustain your personal energy, nurture your well-being and revitalize your spirit.

Who are you at your very core? What is your authentic essence? How do you want to show up as a leader and in your career? How do you want to feel in your work and in your life?

Let’s spend some time distilling your essence so you have clarity on what makes your soul sing and how you can leverage your essence in all you do.

What is your creative genius? What are your unique gifts, talents, passions and strengths? How do you inspire and engage your creativity? When do you dim your authentic light or let it shine?

Let’s identify your creative genius and find ways you can leverage and share your unique gifts, talents and strengths so you can consistently shine brightly.

What matters most to you and how are you integrating that awareness into your work, career and life? What are your key priorities and how do they inform how you approach your work?

Let’s figure out what really matters to you and then set priorities that are in harmony with your expanded leadership role and responsibilities.

How have you been measuring your career success to date? What could be possible if you redefined success for yourself and created new ways of assessing your contributions?

Let’s empower you to redefine success in your own terms and create meaningful and values-aligned ways to measure and celebrate it.

What needs to shift for you to feel empowered and confident in your role? What do you need to let go of that isn’t serving you and what do you want to take on that will energize you?

Let’s figure out what shifts you want to make that will support your journey to flourishing and feeling soul-satisfied in your work, career and life.

What stresses you out and gets you feeling overwhelmed and overloaded? Do you know what gives you energy and drains it? What are you doing to manage your stress? Is it working?

Let’s get creative about what you’ll do to revitalize, manage and sustain your spirit and energy and nurture your well-being as you move forward in your leadership career.

Optional Services for Emerging Leaders

Consider having Susan create for you one of her signature “Synthesis Documents” that will distill the essence of your vision, strategies, approaches and/or plans. You can also turn to Susan for help in jumpstarting your key projects by having her create for you a custom framework, matrix and/or template. Many clients often ask Susan to review and offer feedback on key business and career stewardship deliverables including their:

  • strategic plans, marketing and launch plans
  • positioning, messaging and branding
  • employee engagement and organization culture transformation strategies
  • proposals, meeting agendas, presentation and pitches
  • market research questionnaires and reports
  • job descriptions, roles/responsibilities, organizational change plans, staffing gap analysis
  • process improvement plans
  • performance reviews
  • resume, professional bio and LinkedIn Profile
  • succession plan for current role
  • 90-120 day action plans for new role
Susan has helped me clarify my values and align it with my vision for my future. She is incredibly organized, bright, tenacious and creative. I cannot say enough about her talents and I highly recommend her to anyone that is thinking about making a change in their life. She helps clarify and articulate your goals with laser focus. As a result of working with Susan I have gone back to graduate school and have created my dream vision for my future. It is an extreme pleasure to work with Susan. I am thrilled with her as a coach and a person. Sign on with her immediately and she will thoughtfully and skillfully lead you through the change you want to be in the world.
Catherine, Seattle, WA
Susan is an outstanding “think partner”. I hired her when I was about to leave my executive job and expected help in managing my transition to entrepreneur. I certainly received magnificent help in this arena. What I didn’t expect was her use of rituals to help me enhance “being” after years of focus on “doing”. Susan helped me to define what I want my day-to-day life to be like, well beyond my business. She kept leading me back to my stated intention, i.e. to engage with initiatives that feed my soul rather than just bring in cash, fill time or volunteer. I now have the gift of time, focus and peace – which were lacking in my previously frenetic life. Thank you!
Kellie Garrett, Speaker ~ Coach ~ Strategist, Canada
Perhaps where Susan has helped me the most is in the act of remembering. As Susan knows, I am really busy and have many roles to manage. As I get into my 40s I am finding that it is all too easy for me to book a project and move on to the next item, and in the process forget some of the really important points of connection or insights that tie all of the work I do – that we do – together. In this way, Susan is my mirror, my memory, and my encouraging mentor. I am better with Susan by my side.
Kerry Kozlowski, Bellevue, WA
I have worked with Susan periodically over the course of the past few years including the time period when I was working abroad. Susan has helped me to reflect on my own skills, identify what I find fulfilling, and recognize career opportunities that will work for me. Susan has been great about helping me put all the pieces together. I leave conversations with Susan feeling empowered and better enabled to move my career forward. Susan also helps me to think about my whole self and not just my work self, which has been important to my career planning. A big thank you to Susan!
Kellie L., New York, NY
Susan is an inspiration in that she is an example of purpose and authenticity in her daily life. She has coached me through the roller coaster of my career, always with a keen sense of where I am and need to be guided personally. She offers so much more than experience and skill – she does, in fact, bring the gifts of intuition and humanity to her work, and I’m sure to all those she touches. It’s an honor to know and to work with such an exceptional person.
Barbara Rice, President, B. Rice Consulting

Are you an Emerging Leader who is ready to wholeheartedly flourish and feel soul-satisfied in your work, career and life? Contact Susan today to learn how she can help get you there!